Vein Surgeons: Medical vs. Cosmetic

Vascular surgeon is marking veins for varicose surgery

The veins have an essential role in maintaining your body’s ability to properly function. Leg vein problems usually range from mild to severe. Patients who believe vein problems to be merely cosmetic often assume that medical attention is unnecessary. However, vein problems may be an indication of a more serious health disorder that could threaten your overall health if left untreated.

Vein treatments are used either to improve the appearance of bulging varicose veins and spider veins that appear on your face, arms, and legs or to relieve discomfort, bruising, and ulceration caused by varicose veins. All vein procedures fall into one of two categories, which are cosmetic or medically required vein treatments.

Not all veins are created equal. In the same way, not all vein disorders are the same. They vary in their approach, specialties, and treatment offerings. Whether your visible veins are a cosmetic or medical issue, you should see a vein specialist for an evaluation and possible treatment.

Here is a quick overview on the both of them.

Cosmetic Vein Surgeons

Cosmetic vein surgeons employ treatments to address vein abnormalities that are cosmetic in nature. Cosmetic vein issues may involve:

  • Spider veins, which are red spindly-shaped veins that often appear as clusters in the legs or face. Spider veins are the most commonly treated condition among cosmetic vein specialists.
  • Enlarged hand veins appear as prominent or bulging veins often due to aging or exercise habits.
  • Enlarged breast veins develop during or after pregnancy as hormone cycles fluctuate or after any augmentation procedure.
  • Facial veins are prominent veins on the face and can be successfully treated using sclerotherapy.

These conditions can affect your appearance and sometimes be irritating. Yet, they are not life-threatening. Initially, they do not need medical treatment or pose a significant medical threat as long as they are not painful. Treatment is performed to deal with concerns of appearance or aesthetic goals only.

Medical Vein Surgeons

Medical vein surgeons focus on diagnosing and treating vein conditions that impact health, along with cosmetic issues. Our veins have tiny valves that help to push blood back to the heart from the rest of the body. When the valves don’t work well, blood begins to collect in the legs, leading to increased pressure and ultimately the development of bulging veins.

Some vein disorders may result in serious health complications if left untreated. A medically necessary treatment is one that is needed to maintain health, wellbeing, and overall comfort. For more threatening vein problems, such as varicose veins or blood clots, medical treatment will be required for relief.

Varicose veins can be debilitating in severe cases. They usually necessitate medical treatment for patients experiencing discomfort and other painful symptoms. These symptoms may include itching, swelling, and pain, and are often worse at night. It is crucial to seek medical help when experiencing such symptoms, because they may result in leg ulcers, blood clots, or circulation problems if left untreated.

Cosmetic and Medical Vein Surgeon in Kansas City, MO

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