How to Get Rid of Spider Veins?

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If you have thin, squiggly, bluish-purple veins on your body mainly the legs, you are not alone. According to an estimate, more than 40% of American women have some form of the venous condition, including spider veins.

Spider veins can appear anywhere on your body but are most commonly found on your legs and face. These webs or branches like veins can keep you from wearing your favorite dress and chip away your confidence. Luckily, due to advancements in medicines, there are many ways to get rid of your unsightly veins.

Let’s talk about the most popular therapies available for spider veins treatment and where you can go in Kansas City for effective spider veins treatment.


This is a safe and effective procedure that involves the use of a sclerosing agent for the treatment of spider veins. Sclerotherapy is an ongoing procedure performed every 1-3 years to eliminate spider veins. No anesthesia is required during the procedure, and you can get it done in your vein doctor’s office.

During the procedure, your vein doctor injects a sclerosant (irritant), mostly polidocanol and glycerin, directly into your problematic vein with the help of a very small needle. The irritant can be injected in the form of a liquid or foam. The injected irritant irritates your vein and causes it to constrict and collapse. The treated vein disappears over time and its blood is redirected to healthy veins in the surrounding area.

The entire procedure takes anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes. You may feel a mild stinging sensation and discomfort in the treated area for a few minutes. Ideally, recovery doesn’t take too long, and you can return to your daily activities in no time.

Vein Laser Treatment

Vein laser treatment is also a safe and effective option if you want to get rid of both superficial and deep spider veins. This procedure works for men and women of all skin tones.

During the vein laser treatment, laser energy of a longer wavelength (1064nm) is delivered into your spider vein through a cold handpiece. The blood within the faulty vein absorbs the heat from the laser and constricts the blood vessel. The constricted and closed vein gradually gets absorbed by the surrounding tissues and disappears.

It is important to mention that the cooling surface (Zimmer cooling device) cools the skin on the surface and deeper tissues around the vein being treated. It also protects you from bruising and blistering.

After the procedure, you may notice a little redness that persists for 12 to 24 hours. Most people notice improvement within 2-6 weeks after therapy.

Vein Specialist in Kansas City

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