Signs That Your Veins May Require a Vein Surgeon

Doctor examines the Vein Disease

Veins carry blood from the extremities back to the heart. Therefore, maintaining healthy blood vessels is of significance to achieving optimal health.

Let’s talk about the signs which indicate your veins may require the services of a vein surgeon and where you can go in Kansas City, MO, for world-class treatment.

Medical Reasons to See a Vein Surgeon

At first, you may not notice you are developing vein diseases, such as thin spider veins or varicose veins. However, vein problems can progress over time–even to the development of dangerous ulcers and blood clots. Sadly, blood clots can become severe–a life-threatening medical emergency.

Signs of vein diseases include:

  • Pain and cramping in the legs, particularly in one leg
  • Leg fatigue and achiness even with simple daily activities
  • Itchy, dry, leathery-looking skin on the legs, ankles, and feet
  • Consistent leg and ankle swelling and bruising
  • Skin ulcers

Your vein specialist will review your symptoms, inspect your legs and feet and do specialized ultrasound testing to evaluate the blood flow and detect any blood clots. From there, he will recommend treatments to resolve these incompetent veins. Sclerotherapy, physical therapy, medications, laser treatments, and endovenous ablation help individuals have improved circulation and reduced chances of complications.

Cosmetic Reasons to See a Vein Surgeon

Thin, web-like spider veins are the purplish blood vessels that appear on the face, ankles, legs, and other areas of sluggish circulation. spider veins feature poorly functioning check valves like their larger, bluish cousins and varicose veins. Unlike varicosities, spider veins are simply cosmetic issues that can be easily treated.

Conversely, varicose veins can develop in the deeper tissues of the legs, feet, ankles, rectum, and vagina. Their rope-like, bulging appearance often worsens. About 15 percent of the American people have varicose veins, report experts at John Hopkins University.

Cosmetic signs of vein diseases:

  • Prominent vein appearance on the face and other exposed areas of the body
  • Changing clothing choices to avoid showing spider veins or varicosities
  • Embarrassment over personal appearance and avoiding activities that may show varicose veins (swimming, gym workouts)
  • Bruising and changes in skin pigmentation and texture

How to Have Healthy Veins

During a consultation with your vein disease specialist, you can learn many ways to keep your venous circulation strong and healthy. These life changes depend on your particular diagnosis and lifestyle, but here are some general vein health guidelines:

Stop smoking

Cigarettes narrow the blood vessels, deprive blood-oxygen level and even encourage the accumulation of fatty plaques.

Exercise, compression, and diet

Simple walking reaps many vascular benefits, including increased oxygenation and improved circulation. Most venous disease specialists recommend 30 minutes’ walk at least five times a week, along with compression stockings (elasticized legwear), a nutritious, low-fat diet, and adequate hydration.

Get up and move

If you have a desk job, try to get up every 20 minutes. Stretch and walk around to avoid blood pooling in your legs, ankles, and feet.

Watch your weight

Obesity leads to a wide range of health problems. The added pressure of excess body weight slows circulation in the extremities, weakens supportive muscles, etc. Maintaining trim improves vascular health in both veins and arteries.

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