What Is Sclerotherapy?

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If lately, you’ve been hiding your legs because your varicose or spider veins embarrass you, you must be feeling the heat. You don’t need to live life forever wearing pants or jeans, even during the hot summer months. There was a time when surgery was the only procedure available to people with varicose veins. Today, there are a variety of minimally-invasive vein treatments to treat your condition, with sclerotherapy being one of them. Sclerotherapy is a cosmetic procedure that can remove the unsightly varicose and spider veins on your legs, with amazing results.

Removing Varicose and Spider Veins

Sclerotherapy involves injecting directly into the varicose or spider vein to cause it to collapse and reroute the blood flow to other healthy veins. The varicose or spider vein will eventually fade as it is reabsorbed by local tissue. Depending on the severity of the problem, it may take several sclerotherapy sessions to produce the desired results.

Many patients who undergo sclerotherapy see their pronounced leg veins fade away in just two weeks. For some, it may take a few months for the problematic veins to completely disappear.

How It Works

Sclerotherapy is an outpatient procedure usually performed in a clinic. Patients are instructed not to place lotion on the legs on the day of the procedure, and to bring a pair of heavy compression stockings to be used after the procedure.

The vein specialist injects a solution (a sclerosant medication) directly into the vein to cause an irritation that results in the collapse of the vein. He or she may inject into several veins in one procedure depending on their size and location. It usually takes anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes to complete the procedure.

After the procedure, it is recommended that you walk to keep the blood flowing and to avoid hot showers and baths and sun exposure.

Why Sclerotherapy?

Cosmetic procedures are not exclusively for problems that are skin-deep. In this case, varicose veins can cause aches and pains in the leg. People who have it — usually women — experience warmth and swelling in their legs. It can even cause cramps at night that can disrupt sleep. Also, varicose and spider veins form due to weak or faulty vein walls that prevent the flow of the blood back to the heart. So the blood pools in your legs and results in the bulging veins that you see.

Sclerotherapy, as a cosmetic procedure, has few complications. Make sure to choose an experienced vein specialist to treat your leg veins. He or she may first prescribe conservative treatment options before recommending sclerotherapy.

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