The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage and Massage

Patient getting a lymphatic massage

Lymphatic drainage and massage have become widely popular, especially among celebrities. You may be wondering: What’s all the hype?

To understand how this massage improves our health, read the full article below! We also tackle why a lymphatic specialist may recommend this treatment for you.

How Does Lymphatic Drainage and Massage Work?

Our body’s lymphatic system plays a significant role in circulation as it cleans and nourishes our cells. It is composed of tissues and organs that move a liquid called lymph into our bloodstream. In addition to transporting and removing waste, the lymphatic system protects our body from harmful pathogens.

Just as canals and sewers can clog up, so does our body’s natural drainage system. Lymphatic drainage and massage encourage movement in your lymphatic system. This treatment can also slow down the progression of diseases and speed up recovery.

A lymphatic specialist may recommend this massage for people with:

  • Lymphedema
  • Lipedema
  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Orthopedic or post-traumatic injuries
  • People who have undergone surgery
  • Cancer or other severe medical conditions

What Are the Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage and Massage?

People with health conditions are not the only ones who can benefit from lymphatic drainage and massage. Let’s go through the multiple benefits of going to a lymphatic specialist.

Facial And Skin Care

Have you felt bloated somewhere in your face and limbs? Lymphatic fluids can build up in these areas, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles on your face. When they build up on your limbs, your complexion can become unevenly colored.

Getting a lymphatic massage at a vein clinic in Kansas City can help drain the fluids and toxins from your skin. After your treatment, you will end up feeling healthier and more vibrant.

Strengthening Immunity

Did you know that the lymphatic system has natural white blood cells that help fight infection? It works together with the immune system to keep our immunity strong. When our lymphatic system isn’t working well, our body’s natural soldiers could slow down. If you are prone to getting sick, you may want to visit a vein clinic in Kansas City for a lymphatic massage.

Detox And Relaxation

Most of us tend to eat a lot of fat and sweets in our diet. Also, many of us experience stress from work. With a sedentary and stressful lifestyle, your circulation gets slower, and your blood pressure increases.

Visit a lymphatic specialist for a massage to improve your circulation and soothe your body at the same time.

Healthy Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Pregnant women produce more blood and fluids for the health of the developing baby. Because of the extra fluids in their bodies, they may feel more bloated and uncomfortable in their legs and feet.

A similar problem occurs after pregnancy, just when they’re starting to breastfeed. Women use up more fluids in their bodies to make breast milk. For both situations, it may be worth visiting a vein clinic in Kansas City for a lymphatic massage. Talk to a lymphatic specialist about the risks and benefits of the procedure for pregnant women and new mothers.

Healing From Surgery and Injury

Swelling is a natural and healthy response that occurs to protect our injuries and wounds from further damage. But sometimes, our immune system overdoes its job and produces too many white blood cells that block our blood vessels.

A vein clinic in Kansas City may suggest a gentle lymphatic massage to speed up your wound healing.

Relieving Headaches

If you experience regular headaches, lymphatic drainage and massage might help. It reduces the pain and discomfort by decongesting your tissues. The massage improves blood flow and reduces blocked fluids. It can even help with sinusitis.

Reducing Edema and Swelling

When we are in a sedentary position, fluids start to build up in the legs and feet. Air travel or long periods of immobility can also cause edema. Lymphatic drainage and massage usually help people experiencing this condition.

However, it’s best to visit a vein clinic in Kansas City to determine if other health problems are causing your edema. In some cases, lymphatic drainage massage may aggravate illnesses such as kidney disease and congestive heart failure.

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Getting manual lymphatic drainage and massage can improve your circulation and overall well-being. If you have edema or swelling anywhere in your body, a lymphatic massage could solve your problems.

At Missouri Vein Specialists, our lymphatic specialists can deliver high-quality care to keep your body healthy. You may visit our vein clinic in Kansas City to know more about our full suite of services.

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