What Does Recovery Look Like After Getting Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy injection into a patient's ankle

Sclerotherapy is a procedure done to treat and minimize the appearance of varicose and spider veins. It is often done for cosmetic purposes but also may be performed due to symptoms of varicose or spider veins, such as aching or swelling. The procedure involves injecting a solution directly into the vein. The solution helps the vein to scar and forces blood to reroute to healthier veins, eventually resulting in the vein to collapse and be reabsorbed into the surrounding tissues.

Let’s talk about the recovery after sclerotherapy.


After the procedure, you’ll be asked to get up and walk around. This helps prevent the formation of blood clots in the legs, also called deep vein thrombosis. You may have mild swelling around the injection site. Walking will help reduce the swelling, as well as taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications. Walking will also help improve blood flow in your legs. However, you’ll want to take it easy and not do any strenuous activities, such as running or biking.

Compression Stockings

After getting sclerotherapy, you’ll be asked to wear compression stockings or bandages on your legs for about two weeks. Compression stockings help improve blood circulation and can reduce pain, swelling, bruising, and clotting in the legs. You’ll typically be asked to wear compression stocking the night after the procedure, and then only during the daytime after that. You may experience some mild discomfort at first, but the stockings should loosen up a bit with time.

Returning to Your Activities

Most people return to their normal activities the same day of the procedure, however it’s advised to avoid strenuous activity, such as cardio exercise and heavy lifting, for two weeks after the procedure. It’s also a good idea to have someone drive you home after the procedure. Avoid hot showers or saunas, as high temperatures can cause your veins to expand, interfering with the results of sclerotherapy.

Sun Exposure

After the procedure, you’ll want to avoid direct sunlight for a while. If you must go directly in the sun, cover the treatment area. Direct sun exposure can cause dark spots on your skin due to the inflammation caused by the treatment. This is especially true if you already have a dark skin tone.

Overall, recovery from sclerotherapy is pretty short and simple. It requires minimal activity modification, and patients are able to return to normal within days. If you are concerned about recovery, talk to your vein doctor.

Sclerotherapy in Kansas City, MO

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