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Varicose veins on a female legs

Popular Vein Treatments

Unsightly veins, particularly varicose veins, can go beyond merely bringing on a great deal of embarrassment: they can cause discomfort, heaviness, and in some cases, even potentially serious complications. Fortunately, there are a variety…
A woman with spider veins problem

Appearance of spider veins and how they are discovered

Veins move deoxygenated blood from different parts of the body back to the heart. You don’t see them on your skin, but they do important work underneath it. In fact, if you do see certain veins, it is usually a problem. Spider veins are red…
vein specialist

How Can a Vein Specialist Help Treat Cardiovascular Conditions?

Cardiovascular conditions encompass all issues affecting blood circulation. They can affect people of all ages and from all walks of life. At Missouri Vein Specialists, we are dedicated to providing high-quality care and the most cutting-edge…
vein clinic

What Can a Vein Clinic Treat?

A vein clinic is where you will find medical doctors who focus on treating patients with a variety of vein diseases and circulatory conditions. These conditions can cause a web-like appearance (varicose veins or spider veins), chronic leg pain,…
Diagram showing the progression of vein diseases. No visible signs, Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, Edema, Hyperpigmentation, Ulcer.
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Varicose Veins and Spider Veins Are Not the Same

Varicose and Spider Veins plague a great number of American Adults: as many as one in three adults complain of some form of venous insufficiency. Although many experience symptoms after turning 50, it’s not uncommon for younger individuals…