varicose veins

People think of varicose veins as an inevitable consequence of aging. The good news is that while these swollen, gnarled veins are more likely to appear as we grow older, they are actually avoidable – and, if you do get them, they are definitely treatable.

Several simple lifestyle changes can help protect your legs from developing varicose veins in the first place. While doing these preventive measures is not foolproof, you’re more likely to avoid varicose veins if you practice these good health habits.


One of the most efficient and effective methods to prevent varicose veins is to keep being physically active. Any type of movement helps, but the most useful are those that involve your legs. Walking and stretching are some of the easiest ways to prevent varicose veins and spider veins.

Exercise works by actively encouraging the blood to flow fully through the veins, especially in the legs. Normal blood flow in your legs needs to overcome gravity to reach the heart, and normal blood pressure is sometimes not enough to fully push all of the blood upward. With insufficient physical activity, blood starts to accumulate inside your veins, gradually weakening them and promoting varicose vein development.

Regular exercise, therefore, helps to prevent varicose veins by promoting proper blood circulation. Movement prevents blood from accumulating inside your veins and encourages the blood to move, too.

Weight Loss

Another great way to help prevent varicose veins is to avoid obesity. Putting on too much weight stresses your entire cardiovascular system, since your heart and blood vessels need to supply blood to larger areas of tissue.

The excess strain also reflects on the veins in your legs. Extra pressure means that your veins have to work harder to push the blood through. Over the years, your veins may accumulate damage, causing them to swell and deform.

Fortunately, time is on your side. It takes a while for the adverse effects of obesity to impact your veins. Hence, weight loss can greatly encourage significant improvements in vein health. Your specialized vein physician can give you excellent advice and the tools you need to lose weight safely – and to encourage the lessening of your varicose veins in the process.


Since gravity is the main obstacle that blood encounters when it flows back to the heart, there is a simple way to help prevent varicose veins in the legs: leg elevation. In particular, it’s a good idea to lie down and to elevate your legs with a pillow after a busy day.

Conversely, you need to avoid long periods of sitting or standing. In these postures, the veins in your legs must exert extra effort to keep blood flowing. In particular, avoid crossing your legs when you sit, since this position further limits blood flow.

Vein Doctor in Kansas City

Physical activity, weight management, and periodic elevation of the legs are essential in preventing varicose veins and other vascular diseases. You also need to see a medical expert if you’re at risk of developing them or if you need treatment for existing varicose veins.

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